H2107 Fallisakkeli 5mm


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Sakkelin tappi Ø (mm)5 mm
Maksimi työkuorma (kg)540 kg


Sakkelin tappi Ø 5 mm
Paino 32 g
Korkeus 35 mm
Leveys 14 mm
Maksimi työkuorma 540 kg
Murtolujuus 1080 kg


Forged stainless steel shackles are polished to a high luster and are stamped with the screw pin diameter.

These shackles have a secondary pin to keep the shackle permanently secured to the halyard and in the correct orientation.

Shackle pin Ø 5 mm

Weight 32 g

Height 35 mm

Width 14 mm

Maximum working load 540 kg

Breaking load 1080 kg