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Minimi köysi Ø  10 mm

Maksimi köysi Ø   12.7 mm

Kokonaispaino  13.6 kg

Vinssin paino  5.6 kg

Maksimi käyttökuorma laitteille  4.9 kN / 500 kg

Maksimi käyttökuorma ihmispainolla  2.4 kN / 240 kg

Maksimi käyttökuorma   273 kg

Voimasuhde 254 mm/10″ kammella  13.5:1/39.9:1


The innovative LokHead winch is a portable or fix-mounted load-lifting, personnel-hoisting winch used with an unlimited length of fiber rope. The captive head allows the winch to be used safely, and keeps the rope from accidentally releasing. Perfect for fixed or temporary applications and rescue. Harken Industrial offers the LokHead and its accessories fully boxed in a heavy-duty storage case that allows safe transport and rapid deployment. The kit includes the LokHead winch with reversible plate, winch handle, universal tripod adapter, control lever, 2 carabiners, waterproof case and anchor strap with connectors to offer a variety of mounting options: clamped to tripods, rigged to ropes/strops, or anchored direct to structures. Spare parts available from any Harken Industrial dealer. The simple construction requires no lubrication and can be flushed clean with fresh water.

Minimum line Ø  10 mm

Maximum line Ø  12.7 mm

Weight  13.6 kg

Maximum working load for goods/equipment  4.9 kN / 500 kg

Maximum working load for human suspension  2.4 kN / 240 kg

Power ratio with 254 mm/10″ winch handle  13.5:1/39.9:1