Reflex™ Alaleikari haarukalla Unit 2


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Alaleikari haarukalla Unit 2

Sakkelin tappi Ø 12.7 mm

Haarukan väli 18 mm

Paino 404 g

Sopii Reflex™ 7352.10BASE kanssa


Use with the Harken Reflex furling system. Quick-release modular T-fitting allows single drive unit to handle multiple sails. Head and tack swivels are permanently fitted to each sail. Rolled sail easily disconnects with the pull of one spring-loaded pin; new furled sail slides and locks into T-slot. Low-friction ball bearing tack swivel allows the upper part of the sail to furl first. Tack swivels are available with fork and pin interfaces to allow sails with existing torsion cables finished with eyes to be easily adapted to Reflex furling.

Unit 2 Forked Tack Swivel Terminal
Weight 404 g
Clevis pin Ø 12.7 mm
Fork gap 18 mm
Use with furling unit Reflex™ 7352.10BASE