Zircon 40 mm tuplaploki


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Kehrä Ø  40 mm

Pituus  60 mm

Paino  44.7 g

Maksimi köysi Ø  8 mm

Maksimi työkuorma  230 kg

Murtolujuus  680 kg


Zircon blocks help trimmers match sail shapes to new conditions immediately. At the core of the Zircon performance are industrial ceramic ball bearings mounted inside caged races. The cages keep these bearings separated so they don’t bunch, touch, and stop each other. The result is the most efficient small boat block Harken has ever made. Zircon blocks are available in 40- and 57-mm sheaves in single and double blocks, with or without beckets.

Sheave Ø  40 mm

Length  60 mm

Weight  44.7 g

Maximum line Ø  8 mm

Maximum working load  230 kg

Breaking load  680 kg