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Nousunopeus 120 kg kuormalla (m/min)  15 m/min

Nousunopeus 273 kg kuormalla (m/min)   11 m/min

Paino   14.5 kg

Minimi köysi Ø  10 mm

Maksimi köysi Ø   12.7 mm

Maksimi käyttökuorma   2.7 kN

Maksimi käyttökuorma   273 kg


The Harken Industrial Gas PowerSeat ascender has revolutionized working at height, providing the worker with the ability to ascend quickly, stay in position longer, and work in comfort. The PowerSeat provides quality, convenience, safety, and is the best solution for completing a task on time. Fuel consumption varies with weight and usage, but the motor is extremely efficient and only uses a few liters of unleaded gas with 4-stroke mix for a full day’s work at height. The PowerSeat is simple to use and ideal for a wide range of applications, including wind turbines, building exteriors, and search and rescue – not only as a powered ascender, but also as a portable winch or hauler. The portable unit weighs just 14 kg (31 lb), so it’s easy to carry around, yet strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant.

Ascent speed with 120 kg/265 lb load (m/min)  15 m/min

Ascent speed with 273 kg/600 lb load (m/min)  11 m/min

Weight  14.5 kg

Minimum line Ø  10 mm

Maximum line Ø  12.7 mm

Safe working load  2.7 kN

Safe working load  273 kg