RSB Heittoploki 60 mm


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RSB Heittoploki 25

Low friction ring 25 x 17

Kehrä Ø: 60 mm



Kehrä Ø (A): 60 mm

Pituus: (B): 78 mm

Maks. käyttökuorma: 5200 kg

Köyden Ø: 14 mm

Paino: 135 g



This snatch block is very flexible and can be used on almost any block application on a boat or sail such as barber, hauler, genoa line. It’s easy to remove and install on a line already under load. The block is designed with a Rutgerson Low Friction Ring and a strong Dyneema loop which is perfect for low load high speed or high load low speed applications.


Sheave Ø (A): 60 mm

Length: (B): 78 mm

Safe working load: 5200 kg

Max line Ø: 14 mm

Weight: 135 g