System B CB HL 12 mm C-tech lattavaunu


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Pituus 108 mm

Leveys 70 mm

Paino 423 g

Maksimi työkuorma 571 kg




Favored by skippers and crew, Harken Battcar systems let you raise, douse, and reef the main instantly from the cockpit, even when close reaching in a big breeze. Battcar systems outperform in-mast or in-boom furling, cost far less, and sails don’t need to be recut. High-strength Torlon® ball bearings circulate smoothly for fast sail hoists, douses, and reefs. Harken now offers an option that allows C-Tech batten receptacles to be used with our Battcar systems. The pintles have shoulders that protect the threads from bending, making them more robust.

Length 108 mm
Width 70 mm
Weight 423 g
Maximum working load 571 kg