Traction vinssi 200 sis. 10 ASG kammen

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Tuotetunnus (SKU): HINTW200 Osastot: ,


Minimi köysi  Ø  6 mm

Maksimi köysi Ø  12 mm

Paino  4 kg

Maksimi työkuorma  4 kN / 200 kg





The Traction Winch 200 is a lightweight, portable winch mounted to a sturdy adaptor plate that is simple to use and ideal for dragging, moving or lowering heavy objects. It’s designed for use with multiple attachments depending on the environment and industry and proven to be an efficient accessory to be used with complex rigging systems. Traction Winch 200 is equipped with an ergonomic B10ASG handle and spacer plates, which offer an excellent grip on the anchoring surface and protect a textile belt from crushing and rubbing.

Minimum line Ø  6 mm

Maximum line Ø  12 mm

Weight  4 kg

Maximum working load  4 kN / 200 kg