Traction vinssi 500 sis. 10 ASG kammen

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Minimi köysi  Ø  8 mm

Maksimi köysi Ø  12 mm

Paino  7 kg

Maksimi työkuorma  4.9 kN / 500 kg

Voimasuhde 254 mm/10″ vinssikammella  13.5:1/39.9:1




The Traction Winch provides the user with a lightweight portable winch mounted to a sturdy adaptor plate. Can be mounted to a tripod. Simple to use and ideal for a diverse range of lifting and load pulling applications. For use with multiple attachments depending on the environment and industry; from ratchet straps, M10 bolts, carabiners, to scaffold clamps. The Traction Winch 500 includes: Universal mounting plate, 40.2 Harken winch and Harken 10-inch winch handle.

Minimum line Ø  8 mm

Maximum line Ø  12 mm

Weight  7 kg

Maximum working load  4.9 kN / 500 kg

Power ratio with 254 mm/10″ winch handle  13.5:1/39.9:1